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What would you do if your pets suddenly turned into humanoids? Um. Send them off to boarding school... I guess. WELL. HRMHRM. Welcome to Animal Academy [laaamenaaame] a random boarding school in the nonsensical humorous world of personified pets. ... This is basically a random high school collab for no reason but funsies. There will be humor! There will be... weird... stuff. There will be ROMANCE MAYBE HRMHRM? [umm. all sexual orientations allowed. BECAUSE I REALL DO KNOW SOME PEOPLE WHO HAVE GAY DOGS AND SUCH] There will be laughter and tears and weird eating habits! Should be fun. :D So, yes, updates whenever. It's really just for fun D: but please join if you like. C: ALSO. Random events/plot things will be included to move the story along, woohoo! Have fun! OK APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED HAHA CLOOOOOSED. I accepted like, five people after closing, just because I liked them a lot, and I'M TOO NICE HHAA, and because I can. The more the merrier right? BUT NOW THEY ARE CLOSED FOR REAL OR ELSE WELL END UP WITH 3000 AUTHORS OTL. BUUUT note to authors: lets only have one character for now, since there are so many authors! thaanks.

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Peace out

January 2nd, 2009, 4:25 pm

Animal Academy launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Animal Academy! Comics coming soon!

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